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Used by Baba for preparing food (prasad) and later distributing to gathering of devotees (Annadan).
A stone pot which Baba used to place collected (Bhiksha). The food placed at an open place near Masjid was eaten by insects, birds and animals like dogs, cats, pigs.The remainder used to be eaten by Baba.
Used for storing water to be drunk by all the thirsty (Pan-Pot)
Jata and Sack of Wheat
Jata (Hand mill) a pair of stone crushers used for grinding wheat implying that the seed of Karma when crushed and transformed into floor destroys the consequences of all good and evil deeds and liberates soul from binding of Karma.
Udi Stand and Kathada (railing)
At Masjid where Baba used to place his hands and attended visitor artists and give them Prasad (fruits or coins and handful of udi- as the most precious, pure and powerful substance in the universe from all sorts of contamination by evil or malignancy.
Baba’s bathing stone
On this stone Baba used to take bath which was executed by devotees.
Udi stone and Ota (platform)
For burning essence sticks or udi (Loban) sticks whose fragrance was pleasant For creating a purified scented atmosphere. Baba used to sit on the platform on which udi stand was fixed.
Satka (Stick)
The thick stick used by Baba to drive away evil for protecting his devotees facing calamities.
Two Copper Pots
Used by Baba to cook khichadi or sweet pulav as his Prasad (Annadan)